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What is body control pilates?

The method is based on the work of Joseph Pilates who designed exercises that developed strength without muscle bulk by focusing on the balance between strength and flexibility. Many of the classical pilates exercises take years to perfect and are often beyond the average person which is where body control can help!


The method breaks down 'classical' exercises to build strength gradually and teach good movement skills so that you can enjoy the benefits of Pilates safely in a small class. This approach means that even those recovering from injury or an operation are able to join a class and exercise. It's slow controlled approach means that it gives much longer-term results and is often recommended by medical specialists for those with back problems. 


Body Control Pilates exercises can also be adapted to challenge the skills and stamina of athletes and are often part of the training regime for premier league footballers and olympic gold medalists!

Why body control pilates?

A symbol of Execellence in Pilates

Body Control Pilates have been training teachers since 1996 and all teachers that are certified have passed the most comprehensive training course of its kind in the world! Teacher training goes beyond a range of exercises and all teachers are trained how to teach them well and to adapt them to suit each client. All body control pilates teachers receive approval against the UK standard and the qualification is recognised by the European Health and Fitness Association. Body control pilates is widely seen as a benchmark for safe and effective teaching of the highest quality and really is a symbol of excellence in Pilates. It is Europe's largest professional Pilates organisation.


"Our mission has been to bring the benefits of Pilates to everyone. To this end, we have created a method that is effective, safe and challenging: a method that is taught by teachers with unrivalled skills, knowledge and integrity." Lynne Robinson

















"The difference in my strength and flexibility is incredible since joining the class....The teacher has made all the difference by consistently correcting." Client feedback forms 2013