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Personal Pilates

teaching spinal alignment in 4 point kneeling position

Would you prefer to book sessions at home at a time to suit you? For many of us (me inlcuded) it is difficult to attend a regular class time due to family, work or training commitments and it wouldn't be financially viable to block book classes. Don't let this stop you! Instead, give me a call and we can arrange a programme of sessions to suit your budget and schedule. A 1 hr private 1:1 session is £40 and 1/2 hour express 1:1 sessions £25, with discounts available for block bookings. Please call 07816 879095 to book your sessions. If you would prefer to share a duet session with a friend or family member a 1hr session is £45. Small groups POA.



In private sessions I assess your posture and movement patterns and then create a programme of pilates that will help to rebalance and restore your body, strengthening where you are weak, lengthening muscles that are overworked, with a strong focus on learning how to release tension to create a better balance for your body. I often advise clients to focus on a handful of exercises initally, that will start to condition the whole body and mind and practise wherever and whenever they can.....the office, your hotel, on the beach, in the garden, before bed! The beauty of learning pilates through private sessions is that you develop a greater awareness of your own body and a better understanding of the exercises and how to adapt them for maximum benefit...something you can really feel!


Many of my clients are advised by their medical professionals to try pilates for all sorts of reasons and need a more specfiic programme of pilates to suit their own needs to truly experience the benefit. I have clients with arthritis, fybromyalgia, hypermobility, scoliosis, multiple sclerosis, clients recovering from surgery/injury or the birth of their babies and some who have been advised to try pilates for their back pain. As well as clients who play golf, ride horses, run and cycle competitively and some that are are first time exercisers looking for something gentle but effective and they all need different things from their pilates sessions. Some of my clients need regular 1/2 hour express sessions to maintain their mobility and posture, others prefer to be challenged every other week to record their progression after personal practise, some sports enthusiasts need pilates only on their rest days to focus on rebalancing for injury prevention. The beauty of private pilates sessions is that your own personal programme can focus on what YOU need when YOU need it. 


Cients in classes, especially new, also benefit from the occasional private sessions. Once you have started to become more relaxed and familiar with your pilates exercises it can be very useful to run over the fundamentals of pilates, the ABC's in more depth focusing on personal watchpoints to ensure that you get maximum benefit from your classes. 


Feel free to call me on 07816 879095 for an informal and no pressure chat about whether private sessions could be an option for you! 



"I came to Body Control Pilates as a complete sceptic, all the exercise I’ve ever done has been high intensity and fast paced and I was fully expecting to feel bored – but after Lisa’s first class I was hooked! A year down the line couldn’t image life without it! (my new husband refers to me as a Pilates Geek!)


Lisa has been fantastic throughout my Pilates “journey”. She’s a natural teacher – helping me visualise every movement (essential as Pilates virgin!)- allowing me to get the most out of each exercise. Throughout each of the classes she always offers a range of options, which mean you no matter what your ability/injury or motivation levels you can fully participate in the class. Over the summer I invested in some 1-2-1 sessions, these have really allowed me to identify on my individual strengths and weaknesses and Lisa has tailored sessions accordingly. This has helped enormously, I’ve been able to use this knowledge in the group sessions and I’ve really noticed an improvement.


Lisa has helped me tune into my body, for the first time ever I’ve been able to sustain my training load without developing injuries or experiencing some pain. It’s changed my body shape – with results I’ve never been able to achieve in the gym, finally body control Pilates has genuinely helped me unwind (I even did some exercises on the morning of my wedding!).


Really can’t recommend Lisa’s sessions highly enough!" Jude Ford August 2014