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Pregnancy & Postnatal

Pregnancy/ Postnatal qualified teacher


Pregnancy friendly classes 


Ideal from 16 weeks & 6 weeks postnatal


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Why Pilates for pregnancy?

Body Control Pilates is a safe and effective way to exercise throughout pregnancy, the postnatal period and post surgery too! Did you know that 'curl up style exercises' should be avoided for 5 months after any abdominal surgery and if you have diastasis recti (abdominal muscle seperation)? 


My pregnancy friendly classes have a strong focus on;

  • increasing your awareness of posture 
  • pelvic floor health: release, strengthening and recovery
  • relieving your pregnancy aches and pains
  • strength and stamina...particularly important for labour!
  • restoring good core function


Modified exercises based on the pilates fundamentals.....

  • A is for alignment

Postural changes are inevitable when pregnant! Your centre of gravity changes due to your growing bump, breast tissue and a reduction of core stability thanks to hormones. By focusing on postural alignment you can begin to strengthen postural muscles and prepare your body for labour, breast feeding, lifting and carrying your baby, and the amazing thing is you do this at the same time as reducing your aches and pains. Learning good alignment and exercising in a variety of positions can also promote optimal foetal positioning.  Alignment based teaching also helps clients to avoid the all too familiar post-surgery stoop, whether from c-section or hysterectomy.


  • B is for breathing

Lateral thoracic breathing is an essential part of any Pilates programme! It helps clients to find a deeper connection to restore good core function, hence is particularly important in postnatal and post-surgery pilates programmes. Did you know that everytime you exhale fully you are engaging a variety of core muscles? Focusing on breath during pregnancy can also provide a great sense of relaxation and release. 


  • C is for Centring

Functional core strength and stability is so much more than just working abdominal muscles! I teach simple body control exercises to help you to learn how to engage your core, and the importance of balancing mobility and stability to be truly working from your centre. During pregnancy, postnatal and post-surgery periods, core function is compromised and it is important not to rely and overload incorrect muscle groups which can lead to aches, pains and pelvic floor health issues. Centring, essentially helps you to find a balance between deeper core muscles and more superficial (often over dominant) muscles. 




"Pilates can give you relaxation skills, breathing control, strength, flexibility and stamina which will prove invaluable during all stages of pregnancy, and of course, for the demands of new motherhood" Lynne Robinson. Pilates for Pregnancy 2012

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