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Client Testimonials

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The images taken illustrate body control pilates in action in a Duet private session. Discounts available for block booking 1:1 and duet sessions. 


'I came to Pilates as a complete beginner two months ago.  Recently retired, I was looking for an exercise class to improve my posture and flexibility.  At a friends' suggestion that Pilates might be the answer I contacted Lisa.  She invited me to join a group currently meeting in Alsager.


I was apprehensive about my lack of experience but the group was friendly and small enough for Lisa to give each of us individual attention, whatever our level.  I came away feeling exhilarated and thoroughly 'stretched.'


Over the summer I've continued with some 1:1 sessions.  Here we've identified some areas I need to work on and the exercises that will help me most.  Now I feel confident to practise at home but am looking forward to rejoining the group in September.


Lisa's enthusiasm and her love of what she does is infectious.  She's supportive, hugely encouraging and the sessions are great fun.  I think I'm hooked!'

Joan Masters August 2014


 "My first class was last night. I was struggling incredibly with my back pain, and almost didn't go! Thank goodness I did. The exercises were well explained and easy enough for a beginner like myself, Lisa helped when I struggled with a move, and I felt at ease."   facebook comment, April 2013



"Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the classes. I am already feeling the benefit of the 3 I have done so far. Much more aware of my body alignment now too! Lisa is so calm and reassuring and even when i feel i am not doing it right she explains it again and shows me what to do! Love it!!!!" facebook comment April 2013



"I felt a difference in strength & flexibility with body control pilates within a few lessons. The closer attention to alignment makes a lot of difference." Client feedback forms August 2013 



"For all people of a certain age (retired), it is so important to train all muscle groups. This class is ideal for initial training, slowly building up strength." Client feedback forms August 2013.

"I have been to a few different pilates teachers over the years, but I found Lisa to be not only a great teacher, but also a caring teacher. She not only teaches, she watches constantly how each individual person moves to perform each exercise. I've had problems with the alignment of my spine and SI joint, and have been seeing a chiropractor for the last 6 months. Lisa has worked with me both in class and on a one to one basis incorporating a plan from the chiropractor to help me with body control strengthening to enable me gain and maintain a correct posture. I can honestly say since attending her classes my posture and body strength have both improved allowing me to feel much better about myself." Joyce, August 2014


"I find that each session leaves me more flexible and energised. Very beneficial!"  Client feedback forms August 2013


"Since coming to class I have lost 7lb's and I don't take as many painkillers and my outlook has changed." Client feedback forms August 2013


"I really enjoy coming to class. It enables me to do other sporting activities, which I was unable to do, but had always enjoyed before." Client feedback form August 2013


"I have M.S. & certainly know I am more supple, balanced & feel very relaxed after class. I really look forward to my sessions with Lisa!" Client feedback form August 2013